FIDH commends its member Adilur Rahman Khan and the Mothers of Kharavan as recipients of 2014 Gwanju Prize


FIDH would like to congratulate the Mothers of Kharavan (an Iranian movement for justice) and Adilur Rahman Khan (Secretary General of Odhikar, FIDH’s member organisation in Bangladesh) for being awarded the 2014 Gwangju Prize for Human Rights.

This award is an important recognition for the long struggle they have both carried out in the field of human rights and justice.

«I am glad to see that Adilur Rahman Khan’s hard work is being recognized, especially as he and his colleagues at Odhikar continue to face judicial persecution and threats because of their human rights activities,» declared Karim Lahidji, FIDH President. «And as an Iranian, I am especially touched to see the Mothers of Kharavan being awarded. Their determination and their steadfastness to seek justice will always be a true source of inspiration for human rights defenders all around the world.»

The work of people like the Mothers of Kharavan and Adilur Rahman Khan is fundamental to advancing human rights around the world, and FIDH echoes the Gwangju Prize in its recognition of their bravery and dedication.

For more information on the Award and its 2014 Laureates, please visit Gwangju Prize’s website.