HPG quarterly update


June – September 2013

Note from the Head of HPG

We have just released our 2012-13 Annual Report, highlighting our key achievements over the last year. It’s available in an online edition which features videos of our researchers and other interactive surprises!

Over the last quarter we have been joined by two new Research Fellows – Steven A Zyck and Veronique Barbelet, as well as Rob Boardman, my new PA.

The fate of Somalis in the wake of Barclays Bank’s decision to close accounts of about 250 money service businesses, many of whom provide remittance transfer services in Somalia, was a focus this quarter. Citing new research on a large scale cash transfer programme in South Central Somalia, we emphasized the value of cash transfers in improving household nutrition, but also highlighted the effectiveness of this form of aid in Somalia. Simon Levine stressed the grave importance of remittances in Somalia, stating «There is a risk that the consequences could be even worse and much longer-lasting than the 2011 famine itself.»

This quarter we also directed the spotlight on Syria and local aid workers. On World Humanitarian Day, I commemorated the lives of Syrian Red Crescent workers who have lost their lives in humanitarian service and highlighted how local aid workers often bear the brunt of attacks in humanitarian crises, with Eva Svoboda calling for greater protection for local aid workers in the field.

For a full account of our publications, blogs & op-eds and events over the last quarter see below or visit our webpage.