Sherpa is joining the suit brought against AREVA for corruption of foreign public officials as a civil party


Paris, 8 December 2015

In 2007, AREVA bought URAMIN, a company which owns operating licenses in South Africa, Namibia and the Central African Republic. The acquisition was made for 1,8 billion Euros, while the company was valued at a maximum of 600 to 800 Euros. This takeover subsequently proved catastrophic for AREVA, notably because the mines were never operated.

A judicial investigation, which is being carried out by Mr Renaud VAN RUYMBEKE, was opened in order to establish responsibilities.
It is these proceedings which Sherpa has decided to join as a civil party. The NGO is being represented by its counsel, Maître Marie DOSÉ.

Sherpa’s decision to join the proceedings as a civil party was obviously made due to the importance of this issue, but also to the seriousness of the shortcomings both within and outside the corporation, which will need to be explained in order to establish the truth as to the context which allowed URAMIN’s acquisition to take place. This decision forms part of Sherpa’s action to promote the establishment of individual accountability in a number of key cases, in particular regarding corruption of foreign public officials, as well as the financial crimes which often go together with it.

For almost 20 years, large multinational corporations have undertaken commitments, and created internal monitoring mechanisms, in the struggle against corruption. Today, through its decision to join this exceptional suit as a civil party, Sherpa aims to ensure that the truth is uncovered, and that responsibilities are established.